Ten Questions to the Italian Opposition

posted by Geoff Andrews at Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Open Democracy 16 February

1/ What political values do you hold other than anti-Berlusconism?

2/ Why didn’t the centre left pass legislation regulating conflicts of interest when it was in office?

3/ What is your alternative vision of Italy and what idea of social justice does it incorporate?

4/ What is your view of globalisation and how do you see Italy’s role in it?

5/ How will you increase meritocracy and further the prospects of young people in light of (former Director of RAI, the public broadcaster) Pier Luigi Celli’s letter in which he advised his son to leave Italy?

6/ Will you introduce a series of reforms of the political system on the numbers of politicians, legal immunity and expenditure for political parties?

7/ Is it possible to present the sense of an official opposition without the existence of a shadow cabinet, or a government in waiting?

8/ Why is there no interest in or ability to use the new media?

9/ If you had a billion euros of extra resources available how would you use it?

10/ Do you have an Obama figure capable of capable of challenging Berlusconi on the grounds of charisma and popularity who at the same time can create an alternative vision the electorate will support?